S1 E86: Most Ad Agencies Don’t Have a Clue

In this episode, Wágner puts ad agencies in the hot seat in order to be held accountable for the level of service they provide to their clients and because businesses need to know how to select the right agency to suit their needs.

S1 E83: The Amazon Effect’s Influence on Retail

In this episode, Wágner addresses a growing shift from brick and mortar retail to e-commerce. With Sears, Macy’s, JCPenney, and several other retailers closing hundreds of stores nationwide, it’s clear that the “Amazon effect” has made a big impact….

S1 E81: Harnessing New Tech When Marketing Your Business

In this episode, Wágner reviews the recent history of technology and innovations and tells you not to be afraid. Instead, he describes how they can be valuable to efficiency and productivity if you take the time to harness their potential.