S2 E110: The Reshaping of a City’s Economic Future Amidst The New Normal

Orlando, Florida is not only where Wagner Live is located but it is also a growing market. It has been called one of North America’s up-and-coming tech markets. In a recent study of the leading large, mid-size, and small metros throughout the country,…

Show Notes

The episode begins with Wagner dos Santos introducing himself and the show. He mentions that the episode is sponsored by The Wagner Agency and then proceeds to discuss the growth of Orlando, Florida, where the show is produced. He mentions that Orlando is nationally considered a growing market and has been called one of North America’s up-and-coming tech markets. He also mentions a study that ranked Orlando number nine out of 299 metros studied and number two in the Southeast.

The guest for this episode is Tim Giuliani, the president, and CEO of the Orlando Economic Partnership. Giuliani discusses his history with Orlando and his community and economic development career. He talks about the opportunities in Orlando and the growth of the city, mentioning that it has been leading the country in job growth for four straight years.

They discuss the impact of the pandemic on the city and the positive aspects of Orlando’s growth, such as the increase in diversity and the growth of the tech sector. Giuliani mentions a campaign called “Orlando, you don’t know the half of it,” which aims to highlight the opportunities in Orlando beyond tourism.

They also discuss the infrastructure developments in Orlando, such as the rebuild of I-4, the expansion at the airport, and the growth of the tech sector, including autonomous vehicle technology. Giuliani mentions a company called Luminar that is going public and is based in Orlando.

The conversation also touches on the challenges of fast growth, such as the need for affordable housing and transportation. Giuliani mentions that Orlando has been trying to catch up on these issues.

Towards the end of the episode, Giuliani discusses the disparities within Orlando, mentioning that there are great disparities in income and opportunities between neighborhoods. He talks about the need for policy changes and the importance of providing more opportunities for people in low-wage jobs.

What You’ll Discover:

[2:03] Tim shares his background in economic development and interest in Orlando, Florida.
[3:46] How they’re working to diversify Orlando markets, community development, and technological infrastructure.
[8:03] He describes the cities they’re borrowing inspiration from to economically develop Orlando.
[13:15] Why a region needs to understand its DNA to grow and develop organically.
[15:28] The areas Orlando had developed pre-pandemic plus the challenges of the rapid growth.
[22:11] The diversity and policy change issues Orlando needs to work on to progress.
[29:24] He explains why the region depended on local leadership to witness development.
[32:00] How to take care of Orlando’s economy by building consumer confidence with safety during the pandemic.
[36:00] How pivoting and adapting will help businesses overcome the pandemic challenges.

Connect With Tim:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tgiuliani/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/timgiuliani

Wagner Live
Wagner Live
S2 E110: The Reshaping of a City's Economic Future Amidst The New Normal